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See it at 1080p

Vincent Laforet’s sequal to Reverie, called Nocturne is a short film shot with the new Canon 1D Mark IV. Taking advantage of an insane ISO capability (reaching up to 102,400), the project was filmed during the night in LA with only available/ambient light.

Due to the nature of video, the shutter speed needs to remain at least equal to the frame rate. And until now, ISO capabilities restricted film makers with what they could and couldn’t shoot, based on availability of light. But with rise of HDDSLRs such as the 5D MKII and 7D, filmmakers are on their way to being liberated from the constraints of lighting. I am inspired by the rise of such cameras, as it will allow anyone to shoot and produce films by just using available light. Complex lighting set-ups will no longer be required to mimic reality. And, perhaps, in the near future, the look of cinematography in films will transform from what we see today.

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Added October 20, 2009