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Photoblog, continued…

Although I have stopped posting photos on my photoblog of 4 years,, I would still like to have a place where I can post random images I create, even if they are not part of a larger project. Here’s one I took of myself as a test shot before doing a shoot. And yes, I did actually shave my head, it’s not Photoshop!



I’ve been working pretty hard in the past little while alongside Veronica, Jonathon, Cheryl & Willem to create a central website that gathers all my Graphic Design and Photography work, as well as my blog all in one place.

As I phase out colourblind and XD, I hope to make this the place where I will post my various explorations. In the next year I hope to experiment with video as well as motion graphics, in combination with information design and 3D animation.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you’ll check back often.