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Jared and I are running a series of workshops every Friday this month.
Basics, Faces, Places & Things
40″ x 60″ promotional poster, designed by Jonathon Yule

March 5th, Basics: A general overview of photography equipment to help you understand the functions of a camera and overcome any technical challenges. Bring your camera!

March 12th, Faces: Focusing on portrait photography and studio lighting. Also covering the RAW workflow for editing your portrait photos.

March 19th, Places: Focusing on landscape photography, street photography and event photography. Also covering the RAW workflow for editing your landscape photos.

March 26th, Things: Focusing on product photography, studio lighting and how to shoot your design work.

The workshops are open to everyone, so please feel free to join us, even if you’re not a YSDN student. Every Friday in March from 2-6PM at the TEL building, YSDN Lab 4, York University. Check out the Facebook event for more details.

Tripod Solution

This what I do when I’m stuck without a tripod, or a proper base at least, and I need to get in the picture with my family or friends…

hang camera
hang camera