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If you were cool in school…

If you were cool in high school you didn’t ask too many questions. You could tell who’d been to last night’s big metal concert by the new t-shirts in the hallways. You didn’t have to ask and that’s what cool was: the ability to deduce, to know without asking. And the pressures to stimulate coolness means not asking when you didn’t know, which is why kids grow ever more stupid.

A yearbook’s endpages, filled with promises to stay in touch, stand as proof of the uselessness of a teenager’s promise. Not like I’m dying for a letter from the class stoner ten years on, but…

Do you remember the way girls would call out “Love you!” conveniently leaving out the “I” as if they didn’t want to commit to their own declaration?

I agree that the “I” is a pretty heavy concept and hope you didn’t get uncomfortable if I should go into some deeper stuff here.

My friend Willem is travelling around the world and documenting all the cool stuff he sees. This was something he saw written on a white board on his trip from Alberta to B.C.

Sir Ken Robinson discusses the negative effects of school on children’s creativity. Are we just educating children to become professors? Professors who feel their body is just a tool to carry their brain around?

In the end, what is all of this for? Does it make us happy?

Influencers: How Trends And Creativity Become Contagious

Incredible and inspiring movie about the power of Influencers in our culture. My favourite quote: “When you get to a certain place - if someone has helped you get to where you are - you must help identify younger talent and be the mentor for somebody else” —Sky Gellatly

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